Wine Story: an interview with Ed Bishop

November 5, 2020
A new happy customer! Discover the wines Ed Bishop loves.

Tell us about what you do for work?

I’m a tanker broker based in London.

Where do you live?


What have you done more of in lockdown? How’s it been?

I’ve got into doing a lot more exercise as well as more cooking and drinking wine of course!

What’s your earliest memory of wine?

To be completely honest it would be at University as a great start to a good night out! We would all select a bottle from our local shop in Exeter seeing who could pick the best bottle for the lowest price!

3 favourite spots to eat out near where you live?

I really like Indian restaurants and the best one near me is on Church Street in Twickenham called Tsaretta Spice. The next restaurant I have to mention is the amazing little Italian Del Posto in St Margarets, which never drops its high standards. And lastly, for the setting and a cracking good steak, it would have to be Gaucho in Richmond.

3 favourite dishes to eat in? Do you cook?

I do like to dabble in the kitchen especially since lockdown and have been using the new pressure cooker we bought. So recently it’s been Lamb stews, Curries and some slow-cooked joints.

What’s your favourite wine?

From my only wine tour in France, I have a sway towards Burgundy if red and Chablis if white. But I have enjoyed trying new grape varieties during Lockdown as well as discovering Decorum.

Best wine you’ve tasted recently?

I’d have to say the Soave, Vigneto Runcata, Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe, 2018 which I have to own up to ordering slightly by accident where I was looking to do a re-order the slightly more modest Veneto.

Holiday destination where you’ve drunk the best wine?

As I briefly mentioned, France. Myself and 2 good friends drove over with an empty car and did an epic week tour from Champagne, down the Route des Grands Crus and finally onto Chablis. The car was slightly heavier on the way back…

3 songs for your dinner party playlist

I’m slightly clueless when it comes to dinner party music but as a go to it would prob include Hans Zimmer to start before progressing onto some of the classic rock / hip-hop music we listened to in the 90’s.

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