Pago de Tharsys


Vicente García


📍 Requena, Valencia, Spain


12 hectares

Established in



Albariño, Bobal, Tempranillo, Chardonnay


The winery is nestled in the centre of the organic vineyards.


Pago de Tharsys is situated in D.O. Requena which is the rustic heartland of the Bobal grape. However, they also form part of the D.O. Cava and are undoubtedly best known for their sparkling wines.

The fact that you can make D.O. certified Cava in Requena, and indeed in several other geographic areas over Spain, is almost entirely due to a costly and protracted legal battle fought singlehandedly by Vicente against the large Catalan producers who in the 80’s wanted to keep the newly created term Cava exclusively for themselves. During this David and Goliath battle, Vicente was offered the extremely lucrative opportunity to become the only Cava producers outside Cataluyna to use the term. He blankly refused, stating that it had to be for everyone.

Today Pago de Tharsys reflects Vicente’s career as a winemaker, undeniably influenced by his time in Catalunya, but also his experience making wine for several years in Galicia. Such was his passion for Albariño grapes that, when he decided to return home, he brought back some local cuttings from Rias Baixas and planted them in his vineyard to see how they would fare at higher altitude and in a much dryer continental climate.
The result is the Vendima Nocturna – Albariño as you will have never tasted before.


Albariño, Vendimia Nocturna, Pago de Tharsys, Requena, 2020
A bottle that delivers much more than any other Albariño you have tasted. Perfect for a long, wine-filled lunch.
Fruity & Balanced
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