Perfect Piemontese


Trip In An Underrated Piedmont Area: If we had to select our favourite wine region at Decorum, it might be Piedmont and for this reason, we have put together a case with our essentials of the region. A classic Barbaresco to open for a special occasion, a light and fruity Nebbiolo d’Alba perfect for aperitif, a full-bodied Barbera for the BBQ and a crisp Gavi di Gavi for the seafood. 

12 bottles sold separately for £275 - Save £20 now!

Barbaresco, Starderi, Renato Fenocchio, 2015 × 3

This is as good as anything from the area, a match for any of the more famous names, such as Gaja and Giacosa.

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Nebbiolo d'Alba, I Lioni, Deltetto, 2019 × 3

Demonstrates why Nebbiolo can work superbly well as an everyday bottle of red.

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Gavi di Gavi, Deltetto, 2020 × 3

Dry, citrus flavour and tingly acidity, a higly refreshing drop for warm summer days.

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Barbera d'Asti, La Tota, Marchesi Alfieri, 2018 × 3

There cannot be many better examples as to how Barbera can be every bit as significant as Nebbiolo.

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