Langhe Nebbiolo, Spetacol, Renato Fenocchio, 2018


In every vintage, Renato makes a careful selection (a ‘spetacôl’, Piemontese dialect, still in use!) of his Nebbiolo wines: if the liquid is not up to his high standards, he has no hesitation in declassifying. So, this Langhe is from Barbaresco vines, but is deemed to be not quite at the very top. Priced accordingly, however.


In every vintage, Renato makes a careful selection (a ‘spetacôl’, Piemontese dialect still in use!) of his Nebbiolo: never hesitant to declassify if the liquid is not up to the mark. Whilst, this wine did not quite make the cut its....**TASTE/FLAVOUR...make it worth of the Barberesco title in our book. The apparent downgrade on paper translates accordingly to the price, making this delicious addition to your cellar fantastically good value. 

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Renato Fenocchio

We met a young Renato in early 2003: he was then only making Dolcetto d’Alba, the locals’ everyday red, and was borrowing a friend’s cellar in which to make the wine. Bit by bit, his holdings have grown, as he has inherited land from both his and his wife Milva’s parents, all within the commune of Barbaresco. It’s been an absolute privilege to be a (small) part of the process.
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