Floriane Paris


The latest Decorum recruit who tries, (with much difficulty though), to convert the Decvin team to marketing, web and social media “technologies”, waving her magic wand to make Mark and Rupert understand that Instagram is not a mysterious world for IT geeks.

During the weekend you will probably find Floriane in a craft, wool or fabrics shop as she loves everything related to handicrafts.

Vinous & Curious Q&A

What is your first memory about wine?

I remember when I was a toddler, my grandfather would allow me to taste Champagne or wine in his glass, and would say “Don’t drink, just dip the lips!”, if my mother was around… That was my first initiation to coffee and alcohols.

Your best memory, or a very special one?

The first time I stepped into 67 Pall Mall cellar: amazing bottles all around you, that’s an amazing place. Would not mind to quarantine in this room!

If you could bring, only one bottle to a deserted island, what would it be?

Champagne I guess! You can never get bored of Champagne…

If you were a wine, what would we read on your label?

Imported from France to UK, this wine still needs a bit of ageing, but already gives a fresh and joyous bouquet.

If you were not in the wine trade for a living, what would be your job?

I would love to work in a jewelry workshop and to make jewels. I am really this kind of person, able to spend houuuuuurs, working on the same project, and building something from scratch.

The perfect evening: what wine, what music, what dish, etc.…?

South of France, in a garden with cicadas, scent of lavender, surrounded by good friends and loved ones. Tasty food from the morning market and fresh white wine. My pick would definitively go to a wine that you can drink all night long, without the headache in the morning!

And if not wine, what do you drink?

Beer or Gin&Tonic …aye, am I becoming a proper British?!